New import filter for IMC data format imc3


FlexPro Release 13.0.14 now with new import filter for IMC data format imc3

The new release of FlexPro is more than a simple maintenance release. This time a valuable new feature is added:

A new import filter from FlexPro supports the imc3 data format from IMC measurement systems, which is also new. All features of the format have been taken into account: Groups, Timestap ASCII (TSA), signals from CAN messages, segmented data, compressed data, multi-event data, digital data. The import filter supports offline (.raw) and online files (.dat). The predecessor format imc2 is also supported by the new import filter with exactly the same features.

The previous import filter "FAMOS Import" for the predecessor format "imc2" has been downgraded. It is still offered, but is no longer automatically selected by FlexPro. In the next major version of FlexPro, it will no longer be offered in the selection list. However, the link objects will continue to work. However, the old import filter should no longer be used.

As always, this release is available to all FlexPro users with a subscription or maintenance contract in the MyWeisang area at no additional cost. The associated release notes are also published there.

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