The new FlexPro 2021 is here!


FlexPro 2021 provides you significant productivity gains and offers new methods for data analysis.

Interactive data analysis is one of FlexPro's core competencies. The data cursors and cursor markers play a central role here, and we have extensively revised them for you. With FlexPro 2021, you can find the essential information in your measurements data even more quickly and easily and display it in an impressive way. With the new control panels and controls in FlexPro 2021, you can create flexible dashboards and evaluation templates without time-consuming programming.

The most important analysis procedure in the development and testing of machines and vehicles is order analysis. We have completely redeveloped this procedure for FlexPro 2021 based on rotation-synchronous resampling. With the new Strain Gauge Rosette Transformation analysis object, you can calculate principal stresses, principal strains and further quantities directly from the strain gauge raw data.

Discover all new features in detail here: New Features in FlexPro 2021

Download and test the new version now!

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