FlexPro 2017 – Maintenance Release 11.0.16


FlexPro 11.0.16 is a service release for FlexPro 2017. Several minor differences between copying and linking have been fixed in the import filters. FlexPro 11.0.16 comes with a new version of Visual Basic for Applications. In this context, a bug could be fixed that caused FlexPro to crash sporadically when saving a project database with macros. Furthermore, the stability of FlexPro has been improved during parallel processing of FPScript code.

New Features and Enhancements

  • If you try to open a project database that was saved in "Multiple Folders and Files" mode, where the DB data folder belonging to the FPD file is missing, a meaningful error message now appears.
  • The "Created with Older Version" dialog box no longer appears when opening an older project database with FlexPro Reader.
  • FlexPro Reader now always opens project databases with write protection and without a backup copy.
  • The conditional formatting of table columns is now also available for data sets with Boolean values.
  • The memory management of the FPScript runtime environment has been optimized. This increases performance, especially under high load conditions.
  • The Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications included with FlexPro has been updated to version 7.1.1069.

New Import Filters and File Formats

  • The import filter for Yokogawa DL850E now supports files with format version 4.1.
  • The import filter for Dewetron DMD files now supports files with format version 3.3.
  • The import filter for National Instruments TDM files now supports files with format version 17.

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