Free FlexPro training license for students

Get your 'FlexPro Developer Suite Student' training license and start using FlexPro now for a new dimension in professional data analysis, visualization and documentation.

Study and do research like a pro using FlexPro!

A large number of successful companies all over the world work with FlexPro – from engineering firms, laboratories and mid-size companies to industry and technology leaders. Get a head start on your future career and get to know FlexPro while still working on your degree.

FlexPro – advantages for students

  • Capture and understand mathematical data in seconds.
  • Convert data and analyses into informative images at the click of a button.
  • Whether working with spectral analyses, acoustics or statistics, simply choose your analysis procedure without having to program anything.
  • Programming your own algorithms using FPScript, the powerful development environment.
  • Free! The FlexPro Developer Suite Student is free to students!


The FlexPro Developer Suite Student

  • Based on the FlexPro 2021 Developer Suite
  • Two-year limited license (can be extended upon request)
  • For personal advanced training


  • FlexPro watermark applied when printing or using in other programs
  • Data export not allowed
  • No Visual Basic


  • You are studying at an institution of higher education.
  • Your application form has been filled out correctly.

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