New Features in FlexPro 2021

The new FlexPro 2021 - a well-rounded product!

The new FlexPro 2021 brings you decisive productivity gains and offers new methods for data analysis.

See what the latest version of FlexPro has in store for you: 


State-of-the-Art of Interactive Data Analysis

FlexPro 2021 is designed to make your daily work easier. We have therefore extensively revised and expanded the Data Cursor and Cursor Markers area for you. Here are just the most important new features:

  • Shape the cursors and display coordinates directly on the cursor.
  • Use the new auxiliary cursors to measure sidebands, slopes or frequencies/orders (option).
  • Choose from over 20 cursor marker templates for marking data and dimensioning curves.
  • Use the new multiple marker to mark an X position for multiple curves.
  • Reposition already set markers simply with the mouse or by entering new coordinates.


New Row Table and Improved Column Table

The new row table represents several data sets or a list of data sets in rows below each other. It is particularly suitable for displaying a dynamic number of single values, such as statistics of serial measurements.

The column table has also been revised and offers you, among other things, arbitrary font angles, line wrapping of larger texts and various pagination modes for larger amounts of data.


Control Panels and Controls

With FlexPro 2021, you create interactive evaluations without time-consuming programming in Visual Basic:

  • Place controls such as input fields, combo boxes, or check boxes directly in documents to enable form data entry.
  • Create a powerful dashboard by embedding the new panel with controls in a worksheet.
  • Realize complex actions by linking buttons or other controls with a VBA macro.


Order Analysis with New Method (option)

FlexPro 2021 transforms the vibrations or sound signals of rotating machines into the revolution range in order to effectively derive order spectra and order progressions:

  • Analyze the change in orders over time and identify orders directly in the order spectrum.
  • Extract individual order curves over time, speed, revolution or frequency from an order spectrum.
  • Calculate the average of RMS order spectra or RMS order intercepts to determine the spectral content of individual orders in the vibration signal.
  • Use bandpass filters in the revolution range to filter orders and thus calculate order progressions with the original (time) sampling in particular.
  • Use the harmonic filter to extract or remove harmonic components of a selected order from time signals.


DMS Rosette Transformation

Calculate different quantities such as principal stresses or principal strains from two or three strain signals measured using a strain gauge rosette. The analysis not only performs the actual transformation, but also takes cross-sensitivity into account and can optionally perform temperature compensation.


Import Schemes for Binary Data

When importing binary data, you often have to make a number of settings, such as channel selection, renaming of channels, assignment of units or calculations. With FlexPro 2021, you save these settings as an import scheme in order to import further data sets automatically.

FlexPro 2021 Offers You Even More:

  • Automatic saving and restoring of project databases
  • Single column coordinate window
  • New commands for editing the data under the cursors
  • Design and positioning of brands with cursors turned off
  • Setting image markers at the recording location in map displays
  • Improved cursor marker saving
  • Importing hierarchical data structures and data with absolute time from the Data Explorer
  • Import multiple Excel worksheets in one step
  • Import hex and binary data and quoted text from text files
  • Channel selection filter by name, comment or unit, logically AND/OR linkable
  • Renaming channels in the import scheme
  • Exclude folders and objects from indexing
  • Indexing of hierarchical data formats
  • Hiding template folders or formula collections in the project database
  • Symmetric axis scaling and aligning the zero point of axes in 2D graph
  • Ground lines for arbitrary curves of 2D diagrams
  • Header and footer for documents
  • Synchronous playback of audio signals with the media object
  • Multipage text object
  • Output of numerical data in hexadecimal and dual system
  • Consideration of half cycles in Rainflow classification (option)
  • Spectra with segment gaps instead of overlap
  • Cascaded IIR filters and Legendre filters
  • Filtering of periodic time sections from absolute time signals
  • Interpolation or removal of spikes from data sets
  • Segmentation of signals by means of event isolation
  • 10 new FPScript functions and a variety of enhancements to existing functions
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