HistoryBase, the high-performance database solution for archiving your measured data

No matter where your measurement data comes from, whether from production monitoring and condition monitoring systems, test beds, etc., the HistoryBase ring buffer database reliably and safely manages the archival of your data. Large volumes of data, highest sampling rates – HistoryBase is the ideal high-performance solution for archiving your measurement data.

The HistoryBase ring buffer database provides maximum performance for the storage and distribution of large volumes of numeric measurement data.

Advantages of the HistoryBase

  • Complete monitoring of relevant process parameters.
  • Collect all data in a powerful central database for fast and easy visualization, analysis and archival.
  • Combine continuously recorded numeric process parameters with meta information, such as batches and material flow, and assign the collected information to your products and production workshops.
  • Improve your quality assurance efficiency using a flexible database that can capture, archive and distribute numeric and text-based data in a highly efficient way and differently than a PLC and fieldbus.
  • Take advantage of special methods used to synchronize time-based data.
  • Use the integrated tool for limiting the size of your measurement data. The HistoryBase ring buffer design provides a moving history.
  • HistoryBase online replication  provides safe and redundant data archival.
  • Smaller HistoryBase databases or sections from HistoryBase databases are saved in a single file, making them easily accessible.
  • FlexPro allows you to open HistoryBase file directly without having to set up a server.
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