Free to research institutes: FlexPro Developer Suite Non-Profit

All non-profit research institutes have free and unlimited access to FlexPro, the professional software for measurement data analysis. Quickly and easily create analysis and presentations. Free licenses of the latest, full-featured version of the FlexPro Developer Suite Student are now also included.

FlexPro – advantages for research institutes

  • FlexPro offers your scientists a professional, universal tool to analyze data.
  • FlexPro Developer Suite Non-Profit is the full-featured, unlimited edition for non-profit research.

FlexPro Developer Suite Non-Profit

  • Includes a FlexPro Developer Suite Academic network license for up to 20 concurrent users
  • Free for non-profit research
  • Always up-to-date thanks to free updates
  • Made in Germany
  • Additional workstation licenses available upon request


  • Use for non-profit research
  • Centralized installation of FlexPro Developer Suite Non-Profit in institute’s computer data center
  • Information on all relevant specialist departments provided by computer center
  • Link to
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