FlexPro Licenses and Annual Subscription

Single user license

When installing FlexPro, an evaluation license is installed on your computer, which gives you 30 days from the first day you launch FlexPro to try it out. You will need to activate the license as soon as the evaluation period expires in order to continue using FlexPro. Activation will permanently link the purchased single user license to the computer.

To activate the license, use the product key supplied with FlexPro. You can activate FlexPro online by communicating directly with the Weisang activation server, or you can activate it offline by swapping files.
You can move an online-activated license at any time by deactivating it and activating it on another computer.

At additional costs, Weisang supplies dongle-bound single user licenses, which can be moved by simply switching the USB dongle.

Hardware-based, shared license

The hardware-based license is stored on a USB key (dongle) and can therefore be easily transferred from one computer to another. If the dongle is lost, the license must be purchased again!

Site network license

Network licenses are installed on a server and only limit the number of concurrent users. FlexPro may be installed on any number of computers without limitation. FlexPro may be used within an 8 km radius of the server. A user can check out a network license for a specified amount of time for offline use.

Regional network license

Available for FlexPro Professional plus Options and FlexPro Developer Suite. Corresponds to the site network license without the restriction of the 8 km usage radius but restricted to a defined region such as Germany, France, Austria, ...

Worldwide network license

Available with two or more licenses for FlexPro Professional plus options and FlexPro Developer Suite. Same as the site network license, but without the 8 km server range limitation.

Runtime license

You can use the FlexPro runtime license to run applications created with FlexPro Professional on a target computer that does not have a fully licensed version of FlexPro installed. You will need a runtime license for each installation of your application. With the FlexPro runtime license, users can use predefined analyses, measure curves with cursors and execute pre-defined macros. However, objects in the FlexPro database cannot be changed using the user interface.

FlexPro Annual Subscription

The subscription is valid for one year and is paid in advance. The contract is not automatically renewed, i.e. you do not have to observe any notice periods. You will receive an offer from us to extend your subscription in good time before the deadline. Only if you agree, we will charge the rate for another year. After the subscription has expired, FlexPro starts as FlexPro Reader so that your analyses are not lost.

The FlexPro Annual Subscription includes the following:

  • Use of the software during the term of the subscription.
  • The ability to download the latest version of FlexPro.
  • Free phone and e-mail support through Weisang or your local FlexPro vendor.
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