Gas recovery improved through innovative technology


Weisang GmbH supplies condition monitoring system for a subsea gas compression station offshore Australia.

This is the third order of this kind that Weisang has won from the Norwegian company Aker Solutions. Following a pilot project, the world's first system of this type was installed in the Åsgard field off Norway in 2015 and has been running with high availability ever since.

"We are proud that we have now been able to deliver this complex system on time after two years of development," says Richard Weisang, Managing Director of Weisang GmbH. The expertise that distinguishes Weisang here is based, among other things, on the standard products FlexPro and HistoryBase developed by Weisang, both of which are used here. The enormous data volumes of around 150 TB that the Weisang system records and analyzes are stored in the HistoryBase ring storage database and made available to higher-level systems. A special feature of the system supplied by Weisang is the storage and provision of high-frequency sampled signals for several months, which enables event-based data evaluation.

After extensive testing in Norway, the gas compression system will be installed at a depth of around 1,400 meters to increase recovery from the Jansz-Io gas field off the north-west coast of Australia. The operation of the system is much safer than a conventional compression platform on the sea surface. Last but not least, the energy required for gas recovery using this subsea solution is reduced by approx. 20 - 60% compared to traditional compression alternatives. Weisang considers it an honor to be able to contribute to this innovative project.

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