Let FlexPro 2019 do the job for you!


Automation of your Measurement Data Analysis

The new FlexPro 2019 relieves you of time-consuming routine work. FlexPro filters and analyzes your data during import and automatically embeds individual results of a series measurement into the final report. This saves you precious time!

New in FlexPro 2019 – the Most Important Features at a Glance:

  • Data Import with Automatic Channel Selection and Analysis
  • Import and export of Microsoft Excel files
  • Document collection for embedding individual reports in a final report
  • Reports with tables of contents and figures
  • Document sections with individual paper formats and headers
  • PDF export
  • Cross-channel calculations during data indexing
  • Data preview with cursor and zoom option
  • New analyses for envelopes, trend correction, circle approximation and loudness
  • Selectable display and help language

FlexPro 2019 Offers Even More:

  • Fast fade-out and fade-in of curves when using the cursors
  • Flexible data header for data export in text or Excel format
  • New import filter for the file formats BLF, ASC and DBC from Vector Informatik
  • Improved integration and derivation of noisy signals
  • Event isolation from 2D data sets
  • Blockwise and sliding calculation of dispersions and moments
  • 2D index in FPScript for extracting scatter data from 2D data sets
  • Over 20 new FPScript functions and a multitude of enhancements to existing functions

Discover all the new features:  Whats New in FlexPro 2019

Go ahead: download and test FlexPro for free!

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