FlexPro 2017 – Maintenance release 11.0.15


FlexPro 11.0.15 is a service release for FlexPro 2017. In addition to a new import filter for IMC FAMOS files, the stability of FlexPro has mainly been improved.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Im Menü "Ansicht[Makros] > Makros" sind nun auch die Befehle zum Aufzeichnen und Ausführen des Quick-Makros verfügbar.
  • In the menu "View[Macros] > Macros" the commands for recording and executing the Quick-Macro are now also available.
  • The maximum size of the undo/redo history has been be increased.
  • When editing an analysis object via the Properties window, its preview is now updated immediately if the option "Home[Update] > Automatic" is active.
  • For the physical quantity "Pressure", the unit "bar" is now also displayed in the selection field.
  • FlexPro now transmits crash reports over a secure connection (https).

New Import Filters and File Formats

  • The import filter for IMC FAMOS files now also supports the 64-bit integer data type.

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