Aker Solutions chooses the condition monitoring system by Weisang


The “Åsgard Subsea Compression Project” in Norway

In September 2015, the world’s first subsea gas compression station will begin operation in the Norwegian Åsgard oil field. Subsea gas compression is an important milestone for the operator Statoil and the entire oil and gas industry on their way to replacing traditional drilling rigs with subsea plants.

Norway is leading the way in this field. Aker Solutions, the engineering service provider who was awarded the contract by the Statoil oil company to supply the compressors for Åsgard, had already previously built a 17 MW pilot plant. The system was installed in a 30 meter basin in Nyhamna and was rigorously and extensively tested.

For operation and testing of the pilot plant, a new type of condition monitoring system was designed that archives not only quantities such as mean values or spectral amplitudes from raw data, but also stores a history covering multiple weeks of sampled, raw radio frequency data itself. The advantage of this is the flexibility in selecting the process used to analyze results according to when the results come in. This would not have been possible if the data had been compressed at the time it was captured, resulting in a loss of information, as is the case with traditional condition monitoring systems. However, this design places the highest demands on the performance of the database-driven system, since the data with sampling rates of up to 14 kHz comes in from several thousand channels.

HistoryBase, the attractive ring buffer database by Weisang

Weisang successfully met these demands with its HistoryBase ring buffer database developed in house and was awarded the contract to supply a condition monitoring system for the Nyhamna pilot plant as early as 2010. The system provided valuable information during system start-up and subsequent test runs. After the positive experiences with the Nyhamna system, Aker Solutions awarded Weisang with a contract at the end of 2011 to provide three condition monitoring systems for the Åsgard oil field project. The systems were delivered on schedule in November 2012.

HistoryBase is specifically optimized for time series data collection and analysis requirements. The incoming data streams can be stored using the entire hard disk bandwidth and downstream systems can be readied without significant delay. The ring buffer design limits the size of the database and provides a moving history for the data. The system-integrated tools for replicating and taking snapshots provide an easier way to manage and safeguard the data.


  • Closed cabinet with 42 height units, an air intake filter and sealed cable ducts.
  • Redundant power supply using two external UPS devices with failover switches.
  • Three switches for internal communication and connection to the redundant CM network.
  • Six servers for data acquisition and for operating management software for the subsystems supplying the data.
  • Database server with connected 60 TB of storage.
  • Tape backup system for long-term archival.
  • Application server for data analysis with FlexPro for up to 10 users.


  • Health monitoring of all hardware and software components
  • Data acquisition (file sequences, OPC, MODBUS)
  • Data backup (online replication)
  • KPI calculations
  • Event detection (automatic snapshot generation)
  • Data export (transfer of KPIs to superior systems)
  • Data analysis (accessing KPIs and raw data using FlexPro)

Present, analyze and archive terabytes of measured data

Weisang was able to demonstrate its expertise in data archival and analysis with the development of a pilot system for the Ormen Lange gas field. Aker Solutions was looking for a partner who could archive, analyze and present terabytes of measured data. FlexPro and HistoryBase by Weisang proved to be the ideal tools for this task. The condition monitoring systems by Weisang excel through their ability to archive raw high-frequency data over several weeks. All of the data is available for analysis in the event of unexpected results.

“We are proud and happy to be part of such a pioneering project. We feel honored to play in this league where the highest expectations are placed on the solutions, quality and reliability of the partners.” stated Richard Weisang, Managing Director.

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