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    Jean-David ALLIERJean-David ALLIER


    I would like to use a function such as “Absolute()” or “Cos()” in FPScript. But when I run the script I get an error : “The specified function does not exist. Neither a built-in function nor a formula with the specified name could be found”.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem ?


    Andreas JerominAndreas Jeromin

    Hi Jean-David,

    I could not encounter any of the described issues with my installation of FlexPro (latest release 11.0.19). I created a sine signal and added a formula with Absolute(data) to it for output. It was working just fine.

    Did you try the auto-completion when typing in the first characters of Absolute into a formula and then hit Ctrl+Space for the list of known keywords? Is the desired function in the list?

    Did you have a look into the defined templates for your project data base? ( File->Organize under “Tools”) Maybe some user defined template is overriding the definition for Absolute and Cosine function.

    Here is my example code I used:

    Formula “MySignal”:

    Dim n = 100
    Dim dt = 0.1
    Dim freq = 0.25
    Dim y, t
    t = dt * (n, 0, 1)
    y = 1.0 * cos( 2 * PI * freq * t)
    Signal(y, t)

    Formula “MyAbs”:

    Dim _data = MySignal

    Plotting MySignal and MyAbs as a 2D line plot gave the attached diagram.

    Best regards,


    Nicolas FrissungNicolas Frissung

    Hi Jean-David,

    Although Andreas’ answer is correct and very useful, I would tend to say that the problem comes more from the FlexPro license used.
    Acording to the Online Help, the Absolute function is available in FlexPro View, Standard, Professional, Developer Suite and the Cos function in FlexPro Standard, Professional, Developer Suite.

    If you use a free licence like FlexPro View OEM, then both of these functions are not available and you will get an error message.

    Kind regards,


    Jean-David ALLIERJean-David ALLIER

    It works and I would like to thank you a lot.

    @Andreas : yes I used Ctrl+Space et my function was a known keyword. That’s why I didn’t understand the error wich appeared just after. 

    @Nicolas : you were right : I went to control my license in “License Manager” and I found out that it was not well set. So I changed it and now I am able to use functions I have been using for some times.

    Thanks a lot to both of you !

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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