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I have a few questions that are probably best lumped into a single post.

I am using Office XP, windows XP and Flexpro 30day demo.

I have an excel file that I am using in flex pro. I have edited it slightly in excel, (changed values in some columns, but left the layout and structure unchanged). I have been sure to close flexpro before doing this. When I reopen flexpro, the embeded excel workbook I have just edited, does not show any of the changes. Is flexpro saving its own copy of the workbook, and if so how do I update it with my latest version?

I have taken note not to run excel at the same time as flexpro. However I have a problem, that the menu bar for excel is not always displayed. I can use the shortcut icons but the menu only apears sometimes, and if it is there I can’t always click it.

I see from the help that you can copy a chart from flex pro and paste it into MS Word. Changes to the data in flexpro can then be updated in the chart in Word.
I have tried this, and the chart copies well, but I cant update it. Can you point me in the right direction.

Many Thanks,