FlexPro Order Tracking analysis option

Perform an order tracking analysis for speed-dependent vibrations quickly and easily. Order tracking  evaluates vibrations or noise of rotating machines. Here, the frequencies in the spectrum are related to the respective speed and represented as orders.

With the method used in FlexPro, signals sampled over time are first transformed into the revolution range (revolution-synchronous resampling). Using FFT spectral analysis or bandpass filtering in the revolution domain, FlexPro then effectively calculates order spectra and order curves.

Run-up analyses, order analyses at constant speed and order analyses with varying speed are supported. The speed can also be specified as a pulse signal with a fixed number of pulses per revolution. All implemented methods are flexible and robust against noise in the speed signal.


  • Order spectra: Analyze the change of orders over time and identify orders directly in the order spectrum. This is a short-time FFT of the rotationally synchronously sampled signal. The order resolution is arbitrarily adjustable, various FFT spectra can be selected. Order, rotational speed or time can be freely assigned to the X and Z components of the result.
  • Order cuts: Extract individual order courses over time, speed, revolution or frequency from an order spectrum. FlexPro also allows you to bundle orders into order bands to calculate RMS order curves. The results can be dynamically displayed as a list or signal series in 2D and 3D graphs and evaluated over a freely selectable, discrete speed range. The orders to be extracted can be specified or obtained from an external data set.
  • Averaged RMS order tracking: Calculate the average of RMS order spectra or RMS order cuts to determine the spectral content of individual orders in the vibration signal. Suitable method for order analysis at constant speed.
  • Order filter: Use bandpass filters in the revolution domain to filter orders and thus calculate order curves with the original (time) sampling. You can elegantly calculate the sum and the RMS overall level curve of selected orders. IIR bandpass and peak filters are available as bandpass filters. The results can be output over time, speed or revolution.
  • Order analysis cursors: Visually analyze or extract orders and resonances from speed-frequency-spectra or order spectra contour plots.
  • Harmonic filter: Extract or remove harmonic components of a selected order from time signals.
  • Revolution synchronous sampling: Perform revolution synchronous sampling independently to allow for individual FFT spectral analysis or IIR bandpass filtering in the revolution domain.
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