Product (FPScript)


Calculates the product of all of the values in a data series or the products of all rows in a data matrix.




The syntax of the Product function consists of the following parts:




The data set for which the product is to be calculated.

All data structures are allowed, except scalar value und list. All numeric data types are permitted.


The result always has the data type 64-bit floating point.

The result has the unit 1, if DataSet has a unit. Otherwise, it has no unit.

If DataSet is a data series, a signal or a space curve, then the result is a scalar value that represents the product. If DataSet is a data matrix or a signal series, then the result is a data series with the products using all rows of the data matrix or a signal, which represents the product of the signals in the signal series. For aggregate data structures, only the Y component is calculated.

If the argument is a list, then the function is executed for each element of the list and the result is also a list.

For complex data types the absolute value is formed.

Available in

FlexPro Basic, Professional, Developer Suite


Product({1, 3, 5, 4, 5})

Results in 300.

See Also

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