Editing Object Parameters


In the Properties window:

In the Properties window you can edit the parameters of one or more objects at the same time.

1.Select one or more objects with parameters that you would like to change.

2.Scroll down the Properties window until you see the Parameters group.

3.Enter the new values for the parameters that you want to change.

In the Properties dialog box:

In the Properties dialog box, you can edit parameters as well as add, remove or resort them.

1.Right-click with your mouse on the object in the Object List and select Properties.

2.Switch to the tab called Parameters.

To add a parameter:

3.Click Add Parameter or press ENTER.

4.In the Name field, enter a unique name for the parameter.

5.Choose the desired data type in the Data Type field.

6.In the Value field, enter the value of the parameter and append the unit symbol, if applicable.

To change a parameter:

3.Select the parameter from the Parameters list.

4.Change the name, data type, value or unit and exit the input field with the TAB key for the change to take effect.

To delete a parameter:

3.Select the parameter from the Parameters list.

4.Click Remove Parameter or press the DEL key.

To sort the parameters in the list:

3.Select a parameter from the Parameters list.

4.Click Move Parameter Up to move it up one position.

5.Click Move Parameter Down to move it down one position.

Note:   You can use FPScript formulas to enter data. To do this, the text to be entered must start with '=' for instance, the value 5 is entered for the parameter when you input '=2 + 3'.

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