Moving Objects


To move objects via the Clipboard:

1.Select the objects in the Object List that you want to move.

2.Click Home[Clipboard] > Cut or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+X.

3.Open the folder where you would like to move the object. You can also open the target folder in another project database.

4.Click Home[Clipboard] > Paste or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

To move objects with the mouse:

1.Select the objects in the Object List that you want to move.

2.Use your mouse to click on one of the objects selected. While holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor onto the target folder and once there, release the mouse button.

Note:   If you move an object with a name that has already been used in the target folder, then FlexPro's behavior depends on which settings you chose on the Operation tab of the Options dialog box. If you enabled Automatic renaming of objects with copying or moving actions the object names affected are made unique by appending a number to them in the target folder. Otherwise, a dialog box appears, allowing you to decide whether you would like to cancel the copying process, rename the object or replace the object in the target folder.

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