Copying Objects with Linked Objects


To copy FlexPro objects with linked objects, you first have to select them in the Object List or object hierarchy. To do this, proceed as follows:

In the Object List:

1.In the Object List, select the objects you would like to copy.

2.Click with your right mouse button on one of the selected objects and choose Select Linked Objects from the context menu.

In the object hierarchy:

In the object hierarchy, select the object you would like to copy.

Note:   You can select only one object at a time in the object hierarchy. This selection, however, does not represent only the object itself, but also represents all objects under it in the hierarchy.

To copy the selected objects via the Clipboard:

1.Click Home[Clipboard] > Copy or press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C.

2.Open the folder where you want to place the copy by selecting it in the Folders window. You can also open the target folder in another project database.

3.Click Home[Clipboard] > Paste or press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

To copy the selected objects with the mouse:

4.Hold down the CTRL key and use your mouse to click on one of the selected objects. While holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor onto the target folder and once there, release the mouse button.

Note:   If the objects to be copied need to be renamed in the target location because that location already contains objects with the same name, then FlexPro corrects all links so that the copied object network continues to work properly in the target location and no links are broken.

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