Creating Objects


1.In the Folders window, select the folder where you want to insert the object to display this folder in the Object List.

2.Now select all of the data to be displayed in the object or to be calculated by the object. If you want to select data, you can highlight entire data sets within the Object List or within the name row of the open folder's data view, or you can select a cell range in a data set window or in the data view.

3.Select the type of the newly created object from the Insert ribbon tab.  Alternatively, you can right-click with your mouse to open the Object List context menu and select the object from the Insert submenu.

4.An object of the selected type is added with a unique name to the displayed folder. If necessary, a wizard will appear first to assist you in setting the object properties.

Note:   You can also embed diagrams, tables, media and text objects to documents or worksheets. These will not appear in the Object List.

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