String Operator (FPScript)

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String Operator (FPScript)

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String Operator (FPScript)

Converts an expression into the string data type.


String Expression

The syntax of the String operator consists of the following elements:




Any expression. All data types are permitted.


The operator can process scalar values or entire data series and data matrices. If Expression is a data series or a data matrix, then the type conversion takes place on a per-element basis and the result is once again a data series or a data matrix. If Expression is a list, then the operation is executed for each item in the list and the result is also a list.

When converting floating point values, the country-specific decimal and list separators specified in Windows settings are used. Complex numbers are formatted in accordance with the setting Display complex numbers on the General tab of the project database Properties dialog box. The empty type results in "Empty".

If Expression is a quantity, then its unit is used in the string.

Available in

FlexPro View, Standard, Professional, Developer Suite


String 1.2E3

Returns "1200".

String (1.2, 3.4)

Returns "(1.2, 3.4)" or "1,2+3,4i", depending on the setting Display complex numbers.

String 2.5 V

Returns "2.5 V"


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