Imag Operator (FPScript)


Forms the imaginary part of a complex number.


Imag Expression

The syntax of the Imag operator consists of the following elements:




Any expression. All real and complex data types are permitted.


The data type of the result is that of the real data type corresponding to the complex argument. If Expression contains complex 64-bit floating point values, for instance, then the result contains real 64-bit floating point values.

The operator can process scalar values or entire data series and data matrices. If Expression is a data series or a data matrix, then the type conversion takes place on a per-element basis and the result is once again a data series or a data matrix. If a signal, a signal series or a space curve is converted, only the Y component is examined. The result then contains the unchanged X component and possibly the Z component of Expression. If Expression is a list, then the operation is executed for each item in the list and the result is also a list.

If Expression is a quantity, then its unit is taken and the result is also a quantity.

Available in

FlexPro View, Basic, Professional, Developer Suite


Imag (1.2, 3.4)

Returns 3.4.

Imag 1.2

Returns 0.

Imag (1.2 V, 340 mV)

Returns 0.34 V.


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