Parameters Property (FPScript)


Read access to the value of an object parameter. Read/write access to the value of a parameter of the current formula.



The syntax of the Parameters property consists of the following elements:




Optional. The object being accessed. If you omit this element, then the current formula is accessed. In the case of embedded FPScript you have to use the This keyword.


Required. A string with the name of the parameter.

Available in

FlexPro Basic, Professional, Developer Suite


If the parameter contains a quantity with a unit, only its value is returned. Use the Parameters.Unit property to access the unit.

Write access to the header information of a data object is only allowed for the formula where the FPScript code is located. You should only use this option in embedded FPScript. For standard formula objects, you should edit the attribute on the General tab of the Properties dialog box instead.


.\.Parameters("Calibration Value")

Accesses a parameter named "Calibration Value" that is stored in the folder where the formula is located.

ChangeUnit(.Parameters("Sampling Rate"), .Parameters("Sampling Rate").Unit)

Recombines the value and unit of a quantity "Sampling Rate", which is stored in the parameter list of the formula.


See Also

Parameters.Unit Property

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