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UnitZ Property (FPScript)

Read access to the unit of a data object's Z component. Read/write access to the unit of the current formula's Z component.




.UnitZ = Unit

The syntax of the UnitZproperty consists of the following elements:




Optional. The data object being accessed. If you omit this element, then the current formula is accessed.


The string to be assigned as the unit for the Z component of the current formula.


Write access to the header information of a data object is only allowed for the formula where the FPScript code is located. You should only use this option in embedded FPScript. For standard formula objects, you should edit the attribute on the General tab of the Properties dialog box instead.

Available in

FlexPro Standard, Professional, Developer Suite



Returns a string with the physical unit of a data set's Z component in the root folder.

.UnitZ = "Hz"

Sets the unit of the current formula's Z component to "Hz" (only useful when the unit monitoring is disabled).


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