Customizing the View


Select Customize View from the toolbar of the ASAM ODS Data Source window or from the context menu.

In the ASAM ODS View dialog box you can set which information of the ASAM ODS data source is displayed. The complete application model of the current ASAM ODS data source is displayed. This model can be manipulated, i.e. elements, attributes and relationships can be hidden or moved.

A defined view refers to a specific ASAM ODS data source because each data source has its own application model.

Before the application model for the view can be manipulated, a name for the view must be entered and the view saved.

The following commands are available:

Save View

Saves the current view under the specified name.

Delete View

Deletes the selected view.

Hide Element

Removes the element selected in the tree (application element, attribute, relationship) from the view. If the element has sub-elements, these are also hidden.

Show Elements

Displays all subelements of the selected application element.

Root Element

Moves the application element to the root or to its original position.

Show Application Attributes

Displays or hides all application attributes.

Show Instance Attributes

Displays or hides all instance attributes. Instance attributes are attributes that are not defined in the application model.

Show Relationships

Displays or hides all relationships.


Restores the original application element.

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