Project Database Access for Acquisition Programs


The FlexPro package contains modules with which you can prepare your acquisition software for direct access to FlexPro project database files. The following programs are currently supported:

DasyLab version 9 - 14 (2016)

LabVIEW 2010 - 2016

The modules were tested using the most current acquisition software version number provided above. If you are using a newer software version, most likely the module will work with that version.

All components are based on the FlexPro FPAccess interface. The project database files can therefore also be opened independently, without running FlexPro. If the project database file has already been opened with FlexPro, then a direct communication with FlexPro will occur. This communication can also take place across networks. You can find more details in the documentation covering the FPAccess Interface.


The matching component may have already been supplied with your acquisition program. If this is not the case, then you will have to restart the FlexPro Setup program.

1.For the Setup Type, select Custom.

2.If you purchased a single user license from FlexPro, you are only allowed to install FlexPro on one computer. Therefore, select only the FPAccess Interface option and the Extension Modules option further down.

3.Click Next. A dialog appears for each program selected. Here, you have to confirm the software installation folder. The matching component is then copied into this folder. The individual components include documents describing how the components work and how they are set up. You can find these documents in the folder specified after the installation.

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