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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

The problem is as follows: there is the possibility to import NextView3 and NextView4 data into FlexPro. However, this can’t be done in parallel since the Active X controls of the company BMC are different for both versions.

So please proceed as follows:

1.Download the current LIBADX Active X controls from the homepage of BMC (search for libadx):
2. Install the downloaded driver of step 1.
3. Perform a re-installation of your FlexPro version. It is important to choose now the option BMC | NextView (by default it is not enabled).

Then the FlexPro import of the files should work.

Remark: If you need Active X controls for NextView 3, you have to contact BMC for getting the drivers. These drivers can’t be downloaded from the homepage.