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I am currently evaluating whether to purchase FlexPro 6.0 for my company and would like to get a definite answer to the following:

We are acquiring a large volume of data using the LDS-Nicolet Vision XP system and would like to process/analyze the data using FlexPro. We often need to record continuously for 16 hours (5 chan @ 100 kS/sec at 16-bit resolution) leading to a data file size in the 60 GB range. The Vision system has an option to export data to FlexPro format but can FlexPro handle 60 GB data file? I read somewhere that the maximum dataset FlexPro can handle is 2 GB. Thus far I’ve tried exporting (from the Vision XP) a 17 GB datafile into FlexPro format but when I checked the size of the exported file it was only 2 GB. Does this mean that I’ve lost 15 GB of data?