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Error “REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG” upon Startup

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    Andreas KollmannAndreas Kollmann

    On a particular (Win11) PC I cannot get Flexpro to run because everytime on startup i get this error “REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG” twice.

    First error message is “Error creating Addin Host”, second message is “Cant initialize VBA”.

    I have tried, reinstalling, installing an older version, repairing, but nothing seems to work.

    Adrian GiurcaAdrian Giurca

    Hi Andreas,


    installation problems can be sent even without support from the respective web site form:


    To answer your question:

    The reported error messages are due to incorrect or failed installation of the VBA components.


    Please look into the folder “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Downloaded Installations\FlexPro 2021 Suite”. If you find 6 folders with names like “VBA-*-x64” proceed as following:


    Open a command line window (cmd) with administrative privileges and navigate to this folder with the command


    cd /D %LOCALAPPDATA%\Downloaded Installations\FlexPro 2021 Suite


    Each of the VBA-* folders contain a .msi installation file that can also be used for uninstalling the associated component with the following commands


    msiexec /q /x VBA-Core-x64\Vba71.msi

    msiexec /q /x VBA-CHS-x64\Vba71_2052.msi

    msiexec /q /x VBA-DEU-x64\Vba71_1031.msi

    msiexec /q /x VBA-ENU-x64\Vba71_1033.MSI

    msiexec /q /x VBA-FRA-x64\Vba71_1036.msi

    msiexec /q /x VBA-JPN-x64\Vba71_1041.msi


    Now FlexPro can be uninstalled and reinstalled again to cope with this issue.


    If on the other hands, the folders named “VBA-*-x64” are missing, please follow this procedure:


    Open the registry editor (regedit) with administrative privileges and maneuver to the key




    In the subkey InstalledBy you find entries (beside (Standard)) for each program that installed VBA 7.1 (x64). The FlexPro entry has the key


    {A9094AA5-B5F1-49F2-A5C7-8F0BFEE7DB35}   (for FlexPro 2019)

    {ED93C4E1-2948-4671-BAFC-FDD3BB014C23}  (for FlexPro 2021)


    If this is the only key, you can safely remove the key




    and uninstall and reinstall FlexPro.

    Best regards,
    Adrian Giurca

    Andreas KollmannAndreas Kollmann

    Thank you very much, I removed the key and reinstalled. Now it works!

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