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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

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Use the FlexPro runtime license to execute your applications created using FlexPro Professional on a computer that does not have a full FlexPro development license installed. You will need one runtime license for each installation of your application. FlexPro Professional already includes three runtime licenses. With the FlexPro runtime license, users can work with predefined analyses, measure curves with cursors and run predefined macros. The objects in the FlexPro database, however, cannot be modified via the user interface.

So provided a FlexPro project database, a user can’t import data or change formulas, diagrams, … directly. But this can be accomplished with user-provided VBA macros, e.g. for custom import of data, update of diagrams and documents and finally sending them to a printer.

To use, install FlexPro on the respective system and activate a runtime license in the same manner like other license types.