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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

The first example won’t work since “value.X” does not exist for a FlexPro formula object. Instead, you have to use e.g.

Dim toto
toto = ActiveDatabase.RootFolder.Object("Formula", fpObjectTypeFormula).Value(fpDataComponentX)(0)

Moreover, it is suggested to use early binding, e.g.:

Dim fml as Formula
fml = ActiveDatabase.RootFolder.Object("Formula", fpObjectTypeFormula)

Dim result as double
result = fml.Value(fpDataComponentX)(0)

Finally, in the last example you should open the desired database first and should again use early binding. More details about the value property can e.g. be found in the FlexPro Online-Help under Automating Processes | Automation Using FlexPro Visual Basic.