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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

The Objects.Names property uses a string as select argument. This can be a constant string like “^P1.*\.FLD$” or a variable containing such a value.
If for example someone wants to specify the folder by a varying number, a code fragment like

Dim no = 1
Dim select = "^P" : String no : ".*\.FLD$"
dim folderNames = \Messdaten\.Objects(select).Names

lists all folders under the root folder Messdaten prefixed with ‘P’ and the number.
If one uses names like “P001”, “P002”, … to distinguish between the different objects, the following expression constructs these strings from a numeric value:

Dim no = 1
Dim objName = "P" : StringMid(String (no + 1000), 1)