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If I calculate the rainflow counts of one dataset, the result seems to change depending on the ClassLimits. If I set the Hysteresis to be zero (everything included) and then reduce the number of class divisions while keeping the start value and end value constant, I expect the total number of cycles to be the same for every calculation. These settings should only influence the resolution of the results (position of cycle calculated in the result array) and not the calculated cycles. However, if I increase the class size over a certain amount I suddenly start ‘losing’ a lot of cycles. On the other hand, if I decrease the class size the number of cycles increases untill the class size has reached a certain size. Decreasing the class size even more does not influence the results, the total number of cycles stays constant. (Including or excluding the ‘residu’ has a neglectible influence on the outcome)
I can’t use a very small class size because this will increase the processing time too much.
Why are not all cycles included if I increase the class size over a cetain value ?