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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

You can easily explore how FlexPro computes the class division if you take a look at the FPScript code which produced by the “Counting Matrix” analysis object. The class division is a data series which is specified as the second argument to the RainflowMatrix() function. You can see the code, if you select the object, right-click and then choose Open from its context menu.

I case of automatic class division, the following code is used to produce the class division data series:

(33., Min(Signal), (Max(Signal) - Min(Signal)) / 32.)

I you choose [start, end] as [-1, 1] and set the class count to 32, then the following code is produced:

(33., -1.00000000000000, (1.00000000000000 - -1.00000000000000) / 32.)

In both cases, the FPScript data series operator (count, origin, increment) is used.

You can copy these code fragments into a formula to see which limits are actually used. Please note that the counting uses a class division with closed bounds. The means that for 32 classes, the RainflowMatrix() function needs 33 limit values.