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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz
”Norbert” wrote:

Is the Resample() function new for version 7?
I have version 6 and couldn’t find it.

The Resample() function has been introduced in FlexPro 7.

”Norbert” wrote:

Would it be possible to purchase the ‘Digital Filters’ option for Flexpro 6 or is this only available for Flexpro 7?

No, the ‘Digital filters’ option is available only in FlexPro 7.

”Norbert” wrote:

I am reluctant to switch to Flexpro 7 as I got the impression that a lot of fuction calls have changed in Flexpro 7. This would mean that all my VBA programma’s will have to be rewritten.

Of course there are changes in the object model in FlexPro 7. For instance UI automation has been added. Most changes at existing objects are source code compatible, so programs written in VBA won’t be affected at all. A minor part of the changes requires also code changes, but most of them can be done by search and replace.

A detailed list of the changes can be found in the online help of FlexPro 7:

  • In the german version search for the topic: Neue Features des Objektmodells von FlexPro 7

  • In the english version search for the topic: What’s New in FlexPro 7’s Object Model
    [/list]We would recommend to open an existing project with the FlexPro 7 demo version and simply run your macros. In case of an error you should search the above mentioned topic for the involved property, method, object or enumeration member and migrate the code.