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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

If you want to write data into FlexPro databases you can either use the FPAccess interface (see FPAccess.chm for the documentation) or the FlexPro Object Model. The first is faster for writing huge amounts of data, but less flexible as it can only update and print existing documents and you have no way to access the results of your analysis.

To write and read data using the FlexPro Object Model you should take a look at the topics ‘Working with Data Sets’ and ‘Communicating with other Applications’ located in the folder ‘Automating TasksAutomation with FlexPro Visual BasicFirst Steps with FlexPro Visual BasicWorking With Objects’ in the FlexPro online help (Professional version only). The topics describe how to work with datasets and how to access the object model from outside FlexPro. Both topics are using Visual Basic syntax, but it should be easy to derive the Delphi notation.