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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

Objects that have a dashed icon are normally overridden by objects with the same name and type that are located in the active folder. In FPScript this means that these objects can be addressed only by a absolute path name. Using only the name will refer to the object in the active folder. This applies also in VBA. So if you have an active folder in ActiveDatabase.ActiveFolder and there is also an object (dataset or formula object) named GroupName & “Count” & FreqName in the active folder you will access and delete this object. You should prefix your names with the absolute path to avoid problems here.

On the other hand the manual deleting of objects should always be possible (given you do not open your database in read-only mode) and we could not reproduce the behavior you describe. Please try to isolate this issue, put it into a small database and send it to support@weisang.com. Don’t forget to include the exact version number of the FlexPro version in use.