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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

The file c:program filesflexpro 6.0users(unknown).fpt is the Personal Template Database and the file c:documents and settingsall users emplatesflexpro6.0Templates.fpt is the Global Template Database.
These databases don’t exist after a new FlexPro installation.
You can store macros in template databases or in databases. By default, FlexPro stores macros in the Personal Template Database so that they’re available for use with every FlexPro database.
References to a non-existing template database in a macro are the cause of the error messages.

There are three solutions:
1) If you have a backup of the template databases, copy them in the appropriate directories.
2) Open the macro dialog (ALT+F8) to create new template databases.
3) Remove the references to the template database in the VBA code.