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I’m using the ReadTextFile() function to read data in several csv file from different linked sources.
I get the root of the filename from a parameter and then apply a timefilter and next export the selected and filtered part in a .csv or matlab file.

This principle work properly at the firt opening of the base. If I change the date criteria and force the update I get this king of message:

“The first argument of the function ReadTextFile() refers to the unreadable file “xxx.csv”: system error message: le fichier spécifié est introuvable”

for all formulas using the script

If I close and open again the Project database after save the new date for the time filter, no problem, it works !

I’m using FP9.1.4 under W7 and 8 GB of ram

Do you have any idea how to solve this problem. I check already all the option relative to memory stuff , but with no sucess.

Please help