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I m developping a custom Add-in for FlexPro in C#. I started from the example in the User folder and try myself to reproduce in C# the same behavior as in VBA (which is a lot of pain, because there is no documentation on the FlexPro assembly…)

Actually, I am able to generate folder, formula, dataset and signal. I may selected one folder (like select with a mouse-click) and get of the listed object above.

But I a have no clue how:
– to select (like with a mouse-click) a particular object, which is not a folder (also formula, dataset, signal) anywhere in the folder structure
– to select all objects of the same fpObjectType in the ActiveFolder (or in the Object List Window) and then enumerate them
– to move any object from one folder to another folder

Any other example or documentation which is not delivered with FlexPro professionnal will be really great!!!!

Thanks in advance!