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I have two data acquisition systems – one from AstroMed for which I use FlexPro for analysis and the second from ADInstruments, a PowerLab system. I would like to do most of my analysis with FlexPro and am trying to transfer data from the PowerLab format to FlexPro. The PowerLab can export to MatLab format, so I thought this would be a reasonable way to transfer data (PowerLab to MatLab, MatLab to FlexPro). Unfortunately this does not seem to be working for me. Either the exported data is not 100% correctly formatted for MatLab or the import algorithm does not import the data correctly.

These are the problems:

1) The data and “ticktimes” are imported as a data-matrix with n data-series with 1 element each instead of a data-series with n elements

2) The comments are imported as strings with a value of “0”

Ideally the import should create a signal with the appropriate x (ticktimes) and y (data) values. The comments should be converted into markers with the text set to the string of the comments.

I have attached the exported file. As I do not own MatLab I cannot open the exported file to see if it was exported correctly.


Paul Warshawsky