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Gordon LeonardGordon Leonard


We still use Axum where I work and would like to move due to Axum being old and unsupported, poor on performance with large data sets and it has annoying little bugs and things that I can’t get around as there is no one to help!!!

We create axum objects in VB and get great control over every possible parameter of the plot which is what Axum is good at. I am about to try flexpro and would appreciate a heads up and any basic advice about using it with VB. I will read the manuals but would like some initial contact with people who use the software in the same way as I will. I notice there is a normal and professional version of the software, using the package as purely 2D graphing/plotting, which would be best. We could use Matlab/Excel plots, but they don;t look as good as Axum. One bad thing about Axum is that you can’t “add watch” to any of the objects and look at the status of it, and there is no autocomplete when pressing the “.” (dot) key after the name of the object i.e. objAxum.plot.xaxis.maxvalue. Hopefully people can see where I am coming from and offer some advice as we are seriously considering purchasing the software if it does what we want.

Kind regards