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I imported time values as utc values. I did this thru the automation interface by adding DATE values.

Importing values for 30.3.2003 1:05 and later 30.3.2003 2:05, the resulting values in FlexPro are the same: 30.3.2003 1:05
Switching off the adjusting of daylight savings time before starting FlexPro, gives me the correct result of the import.
But I can’t switch off this before every import.
Is there a chance, to tell FlexPro that I really mean UTC and nothing else?

It doesn’t help, to format the dataset with something like %(UTC%x).

Switching on the adjusting of DST after import, gives with the above example 30.3.2003 1:05 and 30.3.2003 3:05 (added one hour).

It is also not possible to enter a value like 30.3.2003 2:05 manually.

Any ideas?