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Due to a hard disk crash, I had to install Flexpro again including the service packs.
After the installation I opened my original project database and found that in VBA there are two missing FPT files. (Tools – References).
The errors are:
Missing: (unknown).FPT
the location is: c:program filesflexpro 6.0users(unknown).fpt
the location is: c:documents and settingsall users emplatesflexpro6.0T…..
(the rest of the message is longer than the window)

If I have an empty database, there are no errors, just the three first boxes are ticked. After loading the project database I have the three standard boxes ticked plus the two above mentioned error lines with the boxes ticked.

Flexpro has been installed on an XP machine using admin rights.
What causes this error and is it FlexPro related or XP related.