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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

Please note that FlexPro 7 is the current version and we no longer support FlexPro 6 demo. Please get the current FlexPro 7 for testing purposes.

When linking to an Excel workbook the absolute path to this workbook is stored in the Excel folder object in the FlexPro database (you can see/edit the path at the third property page of the object). If you move the Excel workbook to a different place (even if the database remains in the same folder) the link is broken and you may see an empty excel sheet then.
If you want to relocate the Excel workbook we recommend to do this from the property page of the object. Otherwise you will need to re-import again from the new location.
If you want to avoid these problems do not link, but import the Excel workbook into the database. Then it will be stored inside the database. The downside is of course that it can no longer be edited by Excel in stand-alone mode.