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    Leon DLeon D


    I do have measurements with an Measurment number, but some Measurement number do not exist.

    For context, I have the following code. In general it works fine.

    Dim SourceData = [IC_I_U_RMS, IHV_Sys_ave, MeasNr, Record]
    Dim maxIHV, maxIC
    Dim Idx, _Event, _Event2, maxMeasNr, Idx2
    Dim Maxima, Idexes, baum
    Dim startIdx, endIdx
    maxMeasNr = Maximum(MeasNr.Y)
    For i = 1 To maxMeasNr Do
    _Event = ValuesInInterval(MeasNr, i, i, EVENT_INDEX)
    _Event2 = ValuesInInterval(Record, 1, 1, EVENT_INDEX)
    Idx = IndexAnd(_Event, _Event2)
    If Idx = ???  Then
    	maxIHV :="NaN"
    	maxIC :="NaN"
    	startIdx = Minimum(Idx)
    	endIdx = Maximum(Idx)
    	maxIHV := Maximum(IHV_Sys_ave[startIdx, endIdx], )
    	maxIC := Maximum(IC_I_U_RMS[startIdx, endIdx], )
    Maxima = {maxIHV, maxIC}

    My Problem is, that if “IndexAnd()” has no common indexes, it outputs an empty variable. This happens when the MeasNr doesnt exist. If the MeasNr doesnt exist the code is supposed to write down “NaN”. So if the variable Idx is empty the code should write “NaN” and if it isn`t empty it should write an value.

    What i can`t figure out is how to write the “if var Idx equals empty then…” = If Idx = ?EMPTY? Then…

    How can i solve this? I can`t put down: False, “”, 0 etc.

    Thanks in advance!




    Stefan S.Stefan S.

    If the ValuesInterval doesn’t find an event, it returns a data series with zero values. So you can test this with the following code:

    If NumberOfRows(Idx) == 0 then


    With the following code you can test if a variable is empty:

    If variable == EMPTY then


    Leon DLeon D

    It works great thanks a lot!

    Just now i noticed that you can`t write a string into a Dataset, is that correct or am i missing something?



    Stefan S.Stefan S.

    This is correct. You cannot use FPScript to change another object (e.g. dataset). Use the result of a new FPScript formula instead of the dataset and work with this (e.g. in a diagram). If you really want to change the original object, you have to use VBA script.


Ansicht von 4 Beiträgen - 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4)
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