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Tathagata GhoseTathagata Ghose


I’ve now solved my problem. The error was caused by rows at the bottom of my spreadsheet which contained a formula in anticipation of future data. This formula returns a ‘null string: “” ‘ until there is valid data in the referenced cells for the formula to compute a number.

So, this problem boils down to the fact that Excel shows zero when a forumla references missing values. There doesn’t seem to be a way to suppress this zero output until a valid data is generated. For this reason, we have to use a “” string to suppress the display.

Flexpro reads this “” as a string and the entire column is read as a string. I can’t find a solution within Excel. My suggestion is that, in a future version, Flexpro should allow for some error codes within Excel, e.g. #VALUE, #NAME, “”, #NA etc. and ignore these while reading data.