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Bernhard KantzBernhard Kantz

You can do this computation much more efficiently if you use the index operator and event isolation functionality to avoid loops on individual values:

Dim idx

// setup data series of proer length
Dim Turbinendrehzahl = 0. # NumberOfRows(Vges)

// Find all positions where 1st gear was used
idx = ValuesInInterval(Gangpos, 1, 1, EVENT_INDEX)
// set all these postions to a fixed value
Turbinendrehzahl[idx] = Radwellendrehzahl / 'Gang 1'

// do the same for the 2nd gear.
idx = ValuesInInterval(Gangpos, 2, 2, EVENT_INDEX)
Turbinendrehzahl[idx] = Radwellendrehzahl / 'Gang 2'

// continue for further gears
// would "Radwellendrehzahl" and "Gang x" be data series, you could have a loop running across the gears.

// return the result
return Turbinendrehzahl