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What is the best way to access from VBA to datas calculated (or not) in FlexProScript.

I tried :

Dim toto1, toto2, toto3
Set toto1 = ActiveDatabase.RootFolder.Object("Formulas\myformula.FML", fpObjectTypeFormula).Value
Set toto2 = toto1.X
toto3=toto2(0) ' acces to the first xvalue of myformula for example

It seems to work fine

If I write

dim toto
toto=ActiveDatabase.RootFolder.Object("Formulas\myformula.FML", fpObjectTypeFormula).Value.X(0)

it doesn’t work. Why?

This this code does not work either :

dim toto
set toto = databases("MyDatabase.FPD").Object("Formulas\myformula.FML").value

Something wrong?

Thank you for the help