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Adam CollinsAdam Collins

Technical Support,

I have a C# Application that uses the following FlexPro COM References:
– BCGControlBarPro
– FlexPro

Note: the workstation I am experiencing problems on is running the FlexPro Trial.

I have the following code (Source_Code.png) that I use to create a FPDatabaseAccess object. For whatever reason, on one workstation I experience a problem debugging the source code and loading the FlexPro dependencies and on another workstation the same code runs in Visual Studio 2010 Debugger and loads the dependencies just fine…

…see attached (HASP_SRM_Protection_System.png) for the warning message that pops up as a result of the problem.

I can build my application and run the target executable just fine if I am not debugging on the problem workstation.. but as soon as I try to debug on the problem workstation, I get the error. I have been trying to figure out what Visual Studio 2010/Windows 7 setting that I may have different between the 2 workstations. I just want to be able to debug my source code.

Have you ever seen this problem and/or have any suggestions how to fix it?